6137 Hiram Smith Line, Sparta, Ontaro




The Artists


Laura Woermke

 "As an artist, I aim to keep the mystery alive in my work as much as possible. This reflected not only in the questions I ask, but also by keeping an open mind about how art can engage the world. This honesty leads to new discoveries, new accidents, and further engagement with the questions. My work, like the world and people that inhabit it, is multifaceted. Raw, uncomfortable narratives not talked about or socially acceptable."


Linda Armstrong

 Linda Armstrong ( Ecolam) is a full-time fibre artist who works in felt and ecoprint making. Felt making is the oldest and first form of textile production created by rolling and pressing wool fibres with the application of moisture and heat.  Ecoprinting allows for Linda to connect with the world around her and the variables that 'mother nature' brings to the process. Ecoprinted works incorporate natural plant dyes, resulting in patterns, connecting one to a sense of time and place. Linda uses plants which are garden-grown or foraged locally with an emphasis on native North American plants. Her felted objects of art often include vintage silks, beads and stone embellishments resulting in surprisingly colourful and textured works.


Katelyn Tippen

 Katelyn Tippin was raised in St.Thomas,ON.  A graduate of the University of Western Ontario from the Fine Arts program in 2011. Katelyn has worked at the St. Thomas - Elgin Public Art Centre for many years as a Receptionist and Art Instructor. Currently living in London,ON but spending most of her time in her home town of St. Thomas. Katelyn is an emerging artist having participated in many group exhibitions in St. Thomas, London, Port Stanley and Montreal. Painting is her medium of choice working in Acrylic, Watercolour and Oils. Printing has also been a large component of her work with a focus on relief printmaking.  Portraiture has been a consistent focus in her body of work. Continuing to expand her practice in the visual arts her recent style has a focus on watercolour and ink portraits with fabric and lace overlays that almost seem tattooed on the skin. 


Grayden Laing

 Grayden Laing is a local artist who has a passion for creating artwork that will lead viewers to a more nuanced perception of the world around them. Grayden’s artwork is informed by the visual communication paradigms of social media as well as the iconoclastic works of early 20th century French artists. Grayden currently maintains an art studio in St. Thomas, ON, where he paints, teaches, and works on film projects. 


Janet Medlyn

 Janet Medlyn is a master Gold Silver Smith with over 40 years experience & graduated from George Brown University for Gemology &  Gold & Silver Smithing. She worked for many years at independent jewellery stores, before deciding to work from her home studio.  All the works she produces are all hand forged so nothing is ever hollow or plated, & with over 40 years experience within her craft she still chooses to only make original works of art.    


Nick Rogers

Nick Rogers was born and raised in Essex county. He began woodworking in high school, and became a woodworking graduate at Fanshawe College. The resident of Sparta creates hand built cabinets, benches, tables, and decorative items. The trees that perish on his property are brought back to life, providing him with a supply of live edge species to harvest, mill, and dry. Seeing the item within the wood, he sculpts wonderful live edge wood pieces that are also practical. "What a great time of life for woodworkers - live edge allows for freedom of shape and form."


Joseph Sawicki

Joseph is a potter who is creating behind gathered in the Kettle Creek Pottery studio. He uses the shapes of nature in hand built earthenware, and also composes colourful floral designs. Harvesting indigenous surface clay from Elgin County, he explores the possibilities of ancient practices and sustainability.


Katheryn Medlyn

 Katherine Medlyn is a second generation stained glass artist. Born and raised in St.Thomas, she has always had a very close relationship with her medium. She has been showing and selling her work at her family studio, Medlyn Stained Glass and Jewelery since 1996. In 2003 she studied in Montreal at Espace Verre. Katherine loves being inspired through the teaching of others. She is constantly challenging herself by testing the limits of glass as well as incorperating mixed media elements into her designs to achieve both depth and perspective. 


Heather Robinson

Heather Robinson joins Joseph Sawicki in the creation of the art collective that is now gathered.   She has been dipping her toe in the artistic world over the past several years and is passionate about both crochet as well as the medium of collage.   She chooses yarns that are not only beautiful in texture and colour but also practical for everyday use.  Her collage work has been described as slightly edgy with a dash of humour. 


Heather Keating

  My artwork is a fusion of realism and impressionism. I attempt to create paintings that show a strong sense of light, vivid colour, fluid brushwork and deep emotional content. I strive to evoke in my viewers the same emotions that compelled me to paint the subject.

When I see a subject, I am drawn to paint it because of light or range of textures. Occasionally I'll set up a still life or I will do some on location sketches, but for the most part I work from photo references. I play with the colours, taking out elements I don't like, but I don't clean them up too much. It makes things look more authentic.